About Us

The Mississinewa Skyhawks is a model aircraft flying club located in north central Indiana on Mississinewa Reservoir property .   We fly from a well maintained grass field of about 5 acres. 

Because there's more than just boating, swimming, fishing, camping, hunting, sightseeing...at Mississinewa!
Our members enjoy flying everything from 'park flyers' to 'third-scale' gassers and helis, or just about anything that will fly.  Note: Indiana state law allows drones at designated flying area but not over other state park or reservoir property!  
From Somerset, south of the SR13 bridge:  Take SR13 north across reservoir to Wabash CR925 S. Follow 925 S east to stop at tee.  Turn south onto CR100 W.  and follow to entrance.
Safety Officer Matt Denham with an electric combat plane.
Treasurer Tracy Scott. 
Vice-President Barry Blanton with an Atlanta.
President Steve Eagle with better half (at Muncie).  Contact Steve at 260-571-2794.
Secretary Charlie Vermilion with an Aeromaster?
Skyhawks   Officers
You never know what you might see at the field...
Maybe a couple Stearmans....
...or planes from a variety of eras...
...or a scale warbird with authentic exhaust...
...or maybe an EDF jet...
...or something with no fixed wings at all !!
Contact Matt at 765-479-4288 or via email:  mattsrc57@yahoo.com
Contact Tracy at:  260-377-9276
Contact Charlie at 765-667-3021
Webmaster Larry Blanton with his Aeroworks Python.
Contact Larry at lblan172@comcast.net
The Indiana DNR.manage Mississinwa as a multi-use property for the public.   The Skyhawks are caretakers of the field for model aircraft.  
Contact Barry at bblan338@comcast.net