About Us

Nothing but memories...
At Mississinewa the fun begins early in the year - sometimes on New Years Day, weather permitting.  

Winter club meetings are held indoors and often provide opportunities for indoor flying.
The Skyhawks enjoy a good swap meet outdoors too!  

We normally host one at the field in July for folks to buy, sell, and fly.  Noted exceptions were 2015 and 2016 but after a 2 year hiatus, the tailgate swap was back in 2017 and better than ever!

Unlike indoor swap meets, this is a free event.

A tradition with the Skyhawks is to finish the contest season with our mostly-famous Egg Drop Contest.

Here we see two would-be contestants at work taping streamers to eggs to aid visual tracking of the bombs in flight.  Our bombardiers must endure all sorts of hardship - like judging the wind and manuevering the plane to get the payload to the target area...not to mention putting up with the many helpful comments from other competitors during their bomb runs!
Bombs Away !!
The 2015 Open B Club Combat Match.
March Madness Swap Meet 2016

We can count on Steve Eagle to bring lots of planes.  Say...is that a P-38 over there?
​Although attendance for the 2016 March Madness was down from previous years, there were deals to be made.
Opening day 2015 for the Skyhawks featured great weather, plenty of open flying, lunch, and a combat match! 

A beautiful day for flying on Opening Day means one thing - a big collection of aircraft to watch.
New member Jim Allison provided a bird's eye view of the field with his DJI quad.
Training flights offered!

​The club has a trainer for anyone who desires to learn to fly radio controlled aircraft.  Here we see a young lady on one of her training flights with assistance from Steve Eagle and Charlie Vermilion.

We have assisted pilots as young as 4 years old!

Why play a video game when you can try real flying for free!!
The 'Open B' club combat match featured five pilots.   L to R:  Barry 'Black Bart' Blanton; 'Kid' Kaleb Worl; Matt 'Deadeye' Denham; 'Big Dog' Larry Blanton; and 'Crashcup' Charlie Vermilion.  Just to be different, this year there were no mid-airs or significant damage to the planes - only bruised egos.  After three rounds of chasing streamers, a victor was crowned:  Larry 'Big Dog' Blanton (aka your humble webmaster) took the honors this year. 
Jan 1, 2014
Some of us old-timers learned to fly with strings or wires to control the plane, aka control line or C/L for short.  It was a lot of fun even if you got a might dizzy.  

You never know what you'll see take to the sky at Mississinewa.  Charlie Vermilion took advantage of the weather and flew his stunt C/L plane.  Assisting on the launch was Steve Eagle.
FLOOD of 2015
Early summer rains left the upper Wabash River basin reservoirs at full capacity. Nearby roads flooded first then as the Mississinewa lake level neared its capacity, about 40' above summer pool, water flooded over the flying field.  Pic below is aerial shot from a drone showing water about gable height on the pavilion.  Pic at right shows someone posing in a kayak in front of the pavilion and equipment shed.  High water mark is at the top of the shed.
New grass at last!
After the waters subsided, work began on repairing the field. A tractor and dozer were brought in to level the field and prepare it for new seed.  The Skyhawks wish to thank Aaron Clement of Timberlane Landscaping and friends for the great work they did getting the field ready to fly again.  Special kudos also to the Converse Flying Eagles who held a benefit to help pay for the restoration, as well as the Huntington County Modelers and PSP Manufacturing who provided sizable donations.  And to the AMA who provided disaster relief.
Santa Shop & Swap, December 2016

A new event  that we hope becomes a tradition.  Be sure and check it out when it returns on Dec 2, 2017.  
The new venue at the Miami County 4H Fairgrounds offered lots of space with nice facilities, access, and parking.  What a great place to spend a cool December Saturday!
A Great Planes Dirty Birdy was raffled for the WWKI 'We Care' charity.  $233 was raised!
Some RC clubs and organizations had tables to promote their group.  The Galveston club used the event to promote their upgraded field and racing events - Club 40 and drones!
AMA District VI VP Randy Cameron (on R) listens intently to a Galveston club member.   
Phil's Hobby Shop of Fort Wayne brought lots of new goodies for sale.
Tyler Worl (R) provides assistance to a youngster trying to assemble a model car during a build session. Tyler had a simulator at the event to give people a taste of RC flying.  Club Safety Officer Matt Denham (L) organized the Build-Take-Buy model building as well as the swap meet.  
Karla Denham hands Club VP Barry Blanton the collected charity raffle money to take to WWKI's radio station for their 'We Care' charity drive.  ALL proceeds from the raffle were given immediately to "We Care' and the club thanks all who participated.