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R/C Club for Model Aircraft
Mississinewa Skyhawks
Welcome to the Mississinewa Skyhawks club website! 
We are an active club who love to fly and promote flying of radio controlled aircraft.  Why not spend a few minutes navigating through our pages and see for yourself!
To contact webmaster/club member Larry Blanton about this website, email lblan172@comcast.net
The Mississinewa area teems with wildlife!  During quieter moments you may find yourself sharing the field with deer or turkeys.  But if you see crappie, you're either not at the field or it's flooded!
Somebody put a model airfield here?
Yep - sure did!  We kinda' like the look of nature but if the sight of trees gives you the willies, we might suggest checking out our sister clubs over at the Galveston and Converse airports.
PLEASE NOTE:  Trees are the responsibility of the Indiana DNR and cannot be damaged or removed without permission of the DNR.
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​A P-51 fly-by on the 2013 Memorial Day weekend.
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Jesse Clement launches his Phencepost combat plane with streamer in tow at start of a combat round in 2013.  Photo from video shot by Kaleb Worl.

​Skyhawk members:  Critical club meeting June 2 at 10AM.  Very important to attend!!
​2018 club events have been cancelled!
SR 13 Bridge
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